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How To Uninstall Android Apps

how to uninstall android apps

It's important that you know how to delete apps on Android that can't be deleted so that Android doesn't get full easily. Based on the installer, Android apps are divided into 2 types, namely factory defaults and additional apps downloaded by the user.

Factory default apps sometimes are not used so they increase storage memory such as Game Space, Oroaming, Read Plus, and others. As a result, Android owners cannot add the required apps.

In general, the default App can not be uninstalled, but now you can do it in several ways below. Unless the Android has been rooted then it can be easily removed.

How to Remove Apps on Android that Can't be Removed Without Root

There are several ways to delete apps on Android that can't be deleted. Here are some ways you need to know, including:

How To Uninstall Android Apps

1. Turn Off the Device Administrator

how to uninstall android apps there are several ways to delete apps on Android that can't be deleted. Here are some ways you need to know, includingThis method is mostly used to remove additional apps from the Play Store, but can't be deleted. How to enter the settings, select the security and privacy menu. Then click device administrator, go to settings, and select the App to delete.

2. Use the Additional App to Help

Using additional Apps is one of the most recommended ways to remove them. For example by using Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall. The trick is to enter additional apps and then select some to delete.

3. Factory Reset

To remove additional apps that are difficult to uninstall, a Factory reset is one solution. Almost all of Android's internal problems can be solved with a Factory Reset because it is able to restore Android like new again, but you need to back up data first.

4. Remove it by Disabling it

You can disable the app so that it doesn't appear in the background or occupy storage space. After that, the App will also not appear in the home view. The trick is to open settings, manage applications, find some that you want to delete and then click disable.

5. Go to Play Store

The last way to delete it is to go to the Play Store and click the My Android link so you can see all installed applications. Then click the little trash symbol next to the App, and confirm by clicking delete on the popup.

How to Remove Android Apps Through Root

The root is one way to uninstall Android applications in order to get full access without being limited by the provisions of the Android system. Here's how to uninstall applications with root, including:

1. Download System Apps Remover

You can download this application on the Play Store for all Androids, whether rooted or not. But to be able to access its features, your Android must be rooted first.

2. Click Grant or Allow

After successfully downloading it, open the application and a SuperSU notification will appear asking for root access. Then click Allow or Grant.

3. Select the App to Remove

The next step is to select the application that you want to delete. You can delete several unnecessary apps at the same time.

4. Click Uninstall and Yes

If you are sure you want to delete some of these applications. Then click Uninstall and then a Yes screen will appear, click Yes.

5. Wait Until Finish

While the uninstall process is in progress, wait for the process to complete. Some apps can't be uninstalled, but can finally be uninstalled.

Some of the built-in and additional applications sometimes you can't just delete so you need various ways to delete them. How to delete applications on Android that can't be deleted now you can delete via root or without root first.

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