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How to Sleep Macbook

How to Sleep Macbook

How to Sleep Macbook After finished doing work on our Macbook, there are two options that we can use to turn off the Macbook. The first is to shut down and the second is to sleep.

But for beginners who have just used a Macbook, it seems they still don't really understand the difference between these two options.

Therefore in this article, I will explain the difference between the two and how to sleep on a Macbook.

There is a fundamental difference between sleep and shutdown on a Macbook. By understanding the difference between the two, then you can decide which feature to use.

Sleep is basically like putting your Macbook system to sleep. Most of your Macbook's computing process will be stopped.

However, there are still a few processes that are still running in the background. For example to receive notifications, download iCloud files, and the like.

So, your Macbook system is not completely dead 100%.

To revive your Macbook from sleep, the method is also very easy. You just need to open the Macbook screen or press one of the keyboard keys.

The screen will automatically turn on and ask you to enter a password or Touch ID.

While shut down is a process to disable your Macbook 100%. This means, your Macbook will be completely shut down, and no computing processes will run.

It's the same as unplugging a computer's resources.

To revive your shut-down Macbook, you have to press the power button and it will take a few seconds for the Macbook to boot up.

So, this method is less practical for those of you who often use your Macbook for urgent work.

So, which one should I use, sleep or shut down?

The answer of course depends. If you just want to "rest" your Macbook and then use it again in the next few hours, then sleep is the right choice.

Later you don't have to wait too long if you want to use your Macbook again.

Meanwhile, if you don't want to use your Macbook for the next few days, then shutting down is an option.

How to Sleep Macbook

To sleep on your Macbook, it's actually very easy. You only need to click on one menu in the Apple icon.

Please click the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the Macbook screen belonging to your Androbuntu friend. Then click the Sleep menu.

How to Sleep Macbook meditec

How to Sleep on Macbook Meditec

Then your Macbook screen will fall asleep or blacken. Most of the running computations will be stopped.

That way, your Macbook battery will not run out quickly.


I myself, as a Macbook user, use sleep more often than shut down. I even forgot when was the last time I shut down. I usually do shutdown when I finish updating macOS, and even then the process happens automatically.

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