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How to Disable Auto Update in Windows

How to Disable Auto Update in Windows

How to Disable Auto Update in Windows 10 Just like any other operating system, whether it's Chrome OS, elementary OS, Ubuntu, macOS, and others, Windows 10 is also regularly updated or updated. Your computer will get updates in the form of patches, bug fixes, the addition of new features, and many others.

In Windows 10 itself, this update is active by default. This means updates will be carried out in the background without your knowledge. Auto update on Windows 10 is indeed very helpful for some people. You no longer need to bother doing updates manually.

You just need to use the computer as usual. If there is an update from Microsoft, the update is done automatically in the background.

However, not everyone is suitable for this auto-update. My example. I really don't like the auto-update feature in Windows 10.

The reason? Because sometimes updates from Windows 10 require a lot of internet data to download them.

So unconsciously the internet package that I used ran out just to download the update.

Not only that, automatic updates that are carried out in the background also sometimes make our computers or laptops slow. If we are working on something important, then this will be very annoying. So it's better to just disable it.

Why Disable Automatic Updates in Windows 10

Those of you who don't know may ask, why do you have to disable auto updates in Windows 10?

So, something like this. Updates in Windows 10 sometimes require a large amount of data.For those of you who work in an office or have wifi at home, maybe this is not a problem.

The problem is when you don't have wifi at home and don't work at the office. Then this automatic update will "eat" a lot of your internet quota. So it is highly recommended to disable it.

But take it easy. You can still update manually. This update can be done by friends if you are connected to wifi or free internet.

If you are interested in disabling auto updates in Windows 10, you can follow the tutorial below.

How to Disable Auto Update in Windows 10

  1. Oh yes. This method can be done for all versions of Windows 10, yes. Starting from Windows 10 Home, and more.
  2. Open the classic mode Control Panel by clicking the Start menu and then entering the keyword “Control Panel”.
  3.  Then select the System and Security option. This option is at the top.
  4. Scroll down, then select Administrative Tools.
  5. Then click Services.
  6. From the list that appears, select the Windows Update option.
  7. Then a small window will appear. Change the Startup type option to Disabled. Then click OK or Apply.
  8. Don't forget to restart your computer/laptop.

Now your laptop or computer will never do automatic updates again. Whether you are using Windows 10 Home or any other version. It's the same way.

Oh yes. How to disable Windows 10 updates is also permanent, yes. So Windows 10 will never be able to do automatic updates again before you yourself reactivate the settings above.

Well, those were the steps on how to permanently turn off Windows 10 auto updates. This method is suitable if you don't have enough internet connection at home.

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