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How To Check Macbook Battery Health

How To Check Macbook Battery Health

How To Check Macbook Battery Health Batteries have a limited life. No matter how well you take care of it, one day the laptop battery must still be replaced because its life span has run out. Likewise with the Macbook battery.

You can replace your Macbook battery yourself at home, or ask a technician to replace it. But before that, it's a good idea to know in advance the condition of your Macbook battery and whether it really needs to be replaced or not.

Do not let you replace the Macbook battery that is still worth using. Because it's tantamount to wasting money. Considering the price of the Macbook battery itself is not cheap.

How to Check Macbook Battery Health

Open Launchpad or press the F4 key on your keyboard. Then look for an application called System Information or System Information.

How To Check Macbook Battery Health

After the System Information window opens, you will see that there are many clickable menus next to this application. To display information about the battery, tap the Power or Power menu.

How To Check Macbook Battery Health

Next, you can see all the information about your Mac's current battery. Starting from model information, charging information, to battery health information. Take a look at the screenshot below:

How To Check Macbook Battery Health

The Mac battery I'm using has a Cycle Count of 479, which means it's in good health and doesn't need replacing. Under the Cycle Count information, there is also information about the condition of the battery.

As you can see, my battery condition is still declared Normal. If your Mac's battery has a problem, it will display other information such as "Service Battery" which means the battery needs to be replaced immediately.

Why Should Macbook Batteries Be Replaced?

Every year, your Macbook's battery performance will decrease. This is a natural thing. Because all batteries are like that.

The more often it is used, the less battery will hold less power.

When you first buy a Macbook, it may be used for up to 10 hours of use on a single battery charge. Until gradually it will decrease, starting from 9 hours, 8 hours, until finally 1 hour.

If you are a person who often works using a Macbook in different places, then having a healthy battery is a must.

Because if the Macbook's battery runs out even though your work isn't done yet, this will be a problem. Therefore, you need to replace the Macbook battery regularly.

Note: In the tutorial above I wrote using macOS Big Sur 11.1. If you are using another version of macOS, there may be a slight difference in the appearance of the menu and also the layout.

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