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How To Change Language On Mac

how to change language on mac

When buying a computer or laptop, usually the language used in the laptop system will adjust to where we buy it.

For example, when I bought a Macbook in Indonesia, the default language used on the Macbook was Indonesian.

In contrast to people who buy a Macbook in America, the language used on their Mac by default is English.

Well, for those of you who bought a Macbook but want to use a different language, actually you can do it easily.

If this is your first time using a Macbook, don't be confused, just follow the tutorial below.

How to Change Language on Macbook

In the tutorial below I wrote using a Macbook with macOS Monterey version 12.3, you can follow this tutorial using any version of macOS.

But you may need to adjust it because there are differences in the layout and appearance of the menu.

First, open Launchpad or press the F4 key on the keyboard and then select System Preferences.

Then in the System Preferences window select the Language & Region menu (if you are already using Indonesian).

If you currently use English, then the menu says Language & Region.

how to change language on mac

In the preferred language column, Androbuntu friends will see a choice of languages ​​that you can use. To add the language tap the + button.

how to change language on mac 2

Then select what language you want to add. For example, here I will add English.

So I will choose English, then if the language is already selected tap the Add button.

how to change language on mac 3

A small box will appear offering you whether you want to use the language of your choice as the primary language or not. Tap the Use bomb.

how to change language on mac 4

Then your macOS system will use the language you selected earlier, for example in the tutorial how to change language on mac above I changed the macOS language from Indonesian to English.

However, for some third-party applications, it may not be replaced automatically until you reboot or restart. So please restart your Mac first to get the best results.

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